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Teaching Philosophy

Have you ever wished for the perfect teacher that listens to you rather than someone preaches their own teaching philosophy at you?

     What separates a quality teacher from the rest is someone who listens to the needs of their students and helps them develop the tools they need to become their own teachers.


     As a music student almost my entire life, I wrestled with these kind of questions and that's why I have developed a teaching style that is catered to your musical needs. Not EVERY student is the same, and not EVERY student learns in the same way and that's still what teachers are learning today. They say hindsight is 20-20 and I just wish I had the knowledge that I have now years ago. It is this very knowledge that I am willing to start sharing with you today in order to help you shorten your learning curve.


If you made it to this paragraph...

...that means you probably identify with me on some level and so I urge you to sign up for your free viola lesson today so we can learn together and you can develop on your own terms.  


For those interested in other musical things...


...simply click on the free trial button and tell me what you are looking for in the message box!


Let's be the exception, not the stereotype!



Tom Duboski


"Competitions are for horses, not artists."


                                                -Béla Bartók

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